4 Tips for Creating a Winter Wonderland in Your East Hampton, NY, Landscape

4 Tips for Creating a Winter Wonderland in Your East Hampton, NY, Landscape


When the holiday season preparations are in full swing, many homeowners tend to neglect the needs of their outdoor space. This winter, while beautifying the indoors, consider how you could create a magical space in your landscape. The holidays could be fully enjoyed with the ultimate winter wonderland you curate for your East Hampton, NY, landscape, one that goes beyond the typical combination of holiday lights and decorations.

Start with the Patio Foundation

The foundation of your patio plays a crucial role in the overall look of the space. The winter seasons tend to be rough on some hardscaping surfaces, so it is important to have a foundation that will keep it strong and able to survive the winter weather year after year. Set the tone for year-round festivities, but especially this time of the year, with Umbriano patio pavers from Unilock. 

Umbriano brings the beautiful look and feel of natural granite to your home. The paver not only offers a unique surface that showcases an interesting design through the random dispersion of color particles but also presents a non-slip, stain-resistant surface that is ideal for cold weather. Add warmth with the dark brown, natural shade of Harvest Brown or Autumn Sunset, a lighter brown shade that presents a hint of dark orange. The neutral Summer Wheat and Winter Marvel are other options that may be perfect for when the skies get duller this time of year.

Warm It Up

Your winter wonderland will give you some stunning views from your window, but it wouldn’t be fully enjoyed unless you spend more time in the decorated area. Let the warmth of a fire and its crackling sounds cozy you up as you snuggle with a warm blanket around your Unilock fire pit or fireplace. The fire will bring a nice contrast to the winter grays and coolness while adding vibrancy to the outdoor area.

If you are working with an existing patio, a fire pit kit can be installed fairly quickly. Unilock offers an abundance of choices when it comes to fire pits, so you can go with the classic look of Rivercrest Fire Pit Kit or have it custom-made using a wall unit like Estate Wall for a rustic look. For a modern design of your fire pit or fireplace, consider Lineo Dimensional Stone

Add a Pergola

One of the biggest perks of highly developed, solid hardscaping in your backyard is that your winters won’t involve moving furniture around or worrying about it wearing out too quickly because of the weather conditions. A pergola and a built-in seating area meet this requirement. They could be provided in a matching wall unit around your fire pit or fireplace so that you can enjoy the outdoor space you’ve curated any time of day. Brussels Dimensional System is the most versatile concrete product in North America, which means it can be your go-to material for a fire pit and the seating wall that will encourage guests to stick around when the flames are high. The addition of a pergola can will provide you with shelter as well as a prominent spot for decorations. Place your holiday tree under the pergola and set up an entire dining area for your holiday parties.

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Wrap It Up with Decorations

Your winter wonderland would be incomplete without lighting and decoration. Hung fairy lights and lanterns on trees, bushes, the pergola, or you have them scattered all around the decking. Add the sweet smell of winter with scented flowers, such as witch hazel. The large yellow flowers of this plant release a delicious, wintery scent into the air. Another plant to consider is the Sarcococca, also known as the Christmas Box or Sweet Box. The plant enchants with its white flowers and lush, leathery foliage that releases a fragrant honey scent during the winter. The plant thrives in your zone and will make a great choice if you want to add seasonal colors to the garden.

The title image features a Umbriano patio. 


4 Tips for Creating a Winter Wonderland in Your East Hampton, NY, Landscape