4 Pavers to Choose for Your Backyard Game Area in Greenwich, CT

4 Pavers to Choose for Your Backyard Game Area in Greenwich, CT


Having a backyard game area on your Greenwich, CT, property, means that the entire family is in for different kinds of fun. Regardless if you want a basketball court, a full tennis or volleyball court, or space for foursquare, a designated spot in your backyard will lead to active hours that ensure a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Another plus is that you’ll increase the value of your home. Unilock pavers are manufactured with exclusive technologies so that they are easy to maintain, have long-lasting durability, and will endure with a charming surface.

Umbriano for the Natural Look of Granite

Available in various shapes and sizes, Umbriano pavers are the perfect candidate for any backyard game area because of their flexible nature. Umbriano pavers come in a larger format and a smooth surface that offer an advantage to homeowners who want a couple of sports courts in their backyard.

Umbriano is easily one of the pavers that makes flooring transitions from one outdoor room to the other seem effortless. Therefore, these concrete pavers can be used to lay the entire landscape and still bring in cohesiveness and stunning design. This concrete paver offers the natural look and feel of granite, and a non-slip and stain-resistant surface that comes in a variety of colors. Umbriano paver is part of the EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes, which uses a manufacturing technology exclusive to Unilock for creating products that are highly resistant to fading. If you are after a more playful look, consider the warm brown Autumn Sunset, and for a sophisticated appearance, choose the deep dark shade of Midnight Sky. 

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Modern Play Space with Senzo

Senzo is a next-generation paver that shows excellent qualities that are ideal for a non-slip flooring for a backyard game area. Senzo pavers provide a blend of modern aesthetics, superior strength, and shapes and sizes that can work exceptionally well as the primary concrete paver and as a beautiful accent paver. Senzo is part of the EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes and is a product that offers a new standard for everlasting beauty and strength.

With Unilock concrete pavers and other products, you don’t have to worry about sun exposure and fading because the proprietary technologies involved in making them ensure the modern-looking surfaces they create are fade resistant. This concrete paver comes in attractive shades like the earthy Castano, neutral Cremo, and gray-black Nuvola. 

High-performing Game Area with Series

With its remarkably crafted surface texture, Series presents a sophisticated option for a backyard play area. This concrete paver combines granite and quartz aggregates into a high-performance top layer that will be prepared to take a beating from some fun outdoor activities. Series is also a part of the EnduraColor Plus line of products and comes in attractive color options such as the neutral Peppered Granite, Mocha Brown, and deep dark Black Granite.

Design Flexibility with Hollandstone

Hollandstone is a versatile paver that leans on a more simple side when it comes to its landscape design. This paver could work for a basketball court with a clean look and beautiful borders. The simple design of the paver and the fact that it is available in one size gives you the flexibility to lay the paver in various patterns, with your choice of seven colors, including Rustic Red, Terra Cotta, and Granite. 


4 Pavers to Choose for Your Backyard Game Area in Greenwich, CT