4 Mesmerizing Walkway Ideas for your Rye Brook, NY, Home

4 Mesmerizing Walkway Ideas for your Rye Brook, NY, Home


Walkways direct the flow of traffic through a landscape, introducing different outdoor areas with specific roles and atmospheres. Your walkways should be able to withstand frequent foot traffic and should look inviting enough to lure guests into the softscape and on to the next feature of interest. Here are a few design ideas to make your walkways more enticing:


A tranquil trail

A mysterious walkway shrouded in greenery is far more enticing than a two-dimensional and isolated path. Surround your walkways with plenty of plants, where possible, and marvel at how interesting and characterful they suddenly appear. Note that birds and small animals are bound to flock to areas of nourishing vegetation and will imbue your walkways with even more personality. Strolling along a walkway can also be made more tranquil and pleasant by surrounding it with the sounds, smells and colors of nature. Walkways like these may just help you to clear your mind after a long week and feel connected with the beauty around you. Nestle a bench beside the walkway to provide the perfect opportunity to relax and savor the moment. Copthorne pavers by Unilock are available in a range of deep rep shades that pair beautifully with the contrasting green of densely vegetated settings. Consider pairing a Copthorne walkway with a Brussels Block border to further enhance the tranquility of the design.

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A natural path

There are various ways to conceal the man-made nature of your walkways and achieve a more natural design. For example, utilizing pavers that make use of the colors and textures of natural stone will contribute towards creating effortless walkways that blend into the surrounding landscape. Examples include Richcliff and Thornbury pavers, which are both excellent substitutes for flagstone while offering the unbeatable strength of concrete. Rather than uprooting your existing vegetation to make space for more walkways, create paths that weave between large components of your softscape like trees and shrubs. This will not only create the impression of more natural-appearing walkways, but will also result in a more spontaneous and captivating layout.


A soft glow

The right lighting can transform any simple walkway into a captivating destination. Experiment with fixtures at different heights and angles in order to achieve specific effects. Ensure that your fixtures are hidden and that they cast light of low intensity to avoid unpleasant glare. Moonlighting is one lighting technique to utilize in leafy areas of your landscape. This entails installing a down-turned light in a nearby tree to emulate the look and feel of natural moonlight. Fairy lights draped along overhead branches never fail to give outdoor areas a romantic touch. The rich texture of pavers such as Beacon Hill Flagstone are further enhanced by dramatic walkway lighting.


A sleek paver selection

Despite the beauty and mystique of rustic walkways, contemporary homes and hardscapes are often best accentuated by paths with modern flair. For example, geometric walkways comprised of sleek pavers in large sizes are often relied upon by modern homeowners to perpetuate the aesthetic theme of their landscapes. Umbriano pavers, for example, are perfectly suited to walkways like these, as they offer the modern luxury and elegance of authentic honed granite.

The title image features a Copthorne walkway. 


4 Mesmerizing Walkway Ideas for your Rye Brook, NY, Home