4 Landscaping Ideas for Modern Poolscapes in Glen Cove, NY

4 Landscaping Ideas for Modern Poolscapes in Glen Cove, NY


Stunning poolscapes are a result of meticulous landscape design and creativity. One of the most important aspects of transforming a pool deck into a feature that offers an outstanding visual experience is the selection of materials. With Unilock concrete pavers and Premium Quality Natural Stone, a Glen Cove, NY, pool area can be turned into a stylish spot that seamlessly blends with the rest of the landscape.


Tropical-style poolscape with Natural Stone

For homeowners who want to spend their vacations at home, or enjoy a relaxing time with friends and family in their beautiful backyard, a tropical-style landscape around the pool area is a perfect choice. Plenty of trees and lush greenery, natural stone tiles, and maintaining an open concept in the outdoor space all work together to create a beautiful tropical-style haven. Unilock Limestone and Sandstone are both great options if you want an elegant, beachy look for your pool patio. Natural Stone will complement the beauty of surrounding greenery, and add an authentic touch. Perfect as a primary paver, as well as for borders and accents, Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone comes in a variety of shades. The gray Hearthstone shade of Limestone provides modern appeal, while the warm-toned Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast from the Sandstone range will recreate the look of a sandy beach.


Beach Bonfire Ambience with a Fire Pit

A rejuvenating poolscape may also include a striking wooden pergola, and a luxurious Jacuzzi. These elements play into the overall ambience of a relaxing pool scene. Recreate an ocean-front bonfire with a modern fire pit or a fire table made with Lineo Dimensional Stone. Lineo Dimensional Stone offers a smooth, modern surface that makes this decorative wall unit a perfect addition to a chic pool area. The Sierra shade with deep black Midnight Charcoal accents will provide an inviting, but sophisticated touch. Pair this with the warm, authentic granite appearance of Umbriano in Autumn Sunset or Summer Wheat for a summery foundation for your fire pit. Alternatively, opt for Winter Marvel or French Grey for a sleek, modern look.

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Add Structure with Verticals

Verticals such as plant beds, pergolas, low walls and fire features will add a vertical dimension to your pool area and can help to highlight specific areas of the landscape. Hardscape elements, such as pillars, walls and steps also tend to create a better sense of structure. Rivercrest Wall, for example, offers a surface texture that recreates the look of stacked natural stone slabs. Thanks to Reala Surface Technology, this wall unit provides an extremely naturalistic appearance. Not only is it beautiful, it is also highly durable and comes in two neutral colors, Buff and Coastal Slate. A pergola draped with vines will make a stunning addition to any pool area and provides just the right height and layering. Consider incorporating Rivercrest Wall as pillar footings to give the structure additional visual anchoring to the landscaping.


Captivating Contrasts with Accent Pavers

By incorporating contrasts into the poolscape design, the entire scene will take on a more unique and memorable appearance. Add a burst of warmth with Copthorne’s shades of Burgundy Red, Old Oak or Burnt Clay as an accent around your fire pit or walkway, or create interesting accents around the pool.

The title image features an Umbriano pool deck.


4 Landscaping Ideas for Modern Poolscapes in Glen Cove, NY