4 Landscaping Ideas for Beautiful Fountains and Ponds in Saratoga, NY

4 Landscaping Ideas for Beautiful Fountains and Ponds in Saratoga, NY


A new water feature could be one of the most powerful elements in your Saratoga, NY, landscape. Ponds and fountains bring a pleasant, multi-sensory experience to any outdoor area by creating sounds, movement, and reflection. Greet visitors with a serene water fountain that beautifies your front yard, or impress them with a pond that enriches your backyard with these landscaping ideas.

Classic Front-Yard Fountain

If decorated properly, a classic, front-yard fountain would make a stunning addition to front-entrance landscaping. There are many ways to create a unique design, and one of them is to place the fountain in the center of a wall planter and wrap it around lush flowers. Classic fountains might seem a bit overdone in the eyes of some observers, but their beauty and elegance never get old.

Incorporate yours with the help of Unilock wall units. Consider Brussels Dimensional System for crafting a stunning wall planter. Brussels Dimensional System is a versatile product that presents an enchanting weathered surface that will highlight the design of the fountain. Depending on the accompanying flower choice, consider one of the wall unit’s warm color options, such as Almond Grove, Coffee Creek, and Sandstone, or cool tones such as Limestone and New York Blend. Make a statement with an accent paver like the profound dark elegance of Lineo Dimensional Stone in Midnight Charcoal.

Statue Water Feature

For traditional gardens, a statue water feature will complement the formality and symmetry of the landscape, adding vertical interest and movement. Create a unique water feature by placing the fountain statue inside or near a pond or a garden waterfall. Estate Wall presents the natural ledge rock look that adds a regal touch to your home. This wall unit offers a weathered surface texture that encompasses a unique antique-textured finish, perfect for a wall or pillar that will serve as the foundation for your fountain statue. Estate Wall complements various exterior styles, including midcentury modern, cottage, farmhouse, Victorian, and ranch. The vibrant earthy shades of this paver, including Almond Grove, Sierra, and Granite, will give a more natural appearance to your water feature. 

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Elegant Wall Pond

A pond should complement the architectural style of your house and reflect the style of the landscape. A wall pond suits both modern and traditional landscapes, because of its formal but relaxed appearance. This powerful water feature will open up various opportunities when it comes to your garden design. Use the natural look of stacked flagstone to create a stunning wall pond that dominates the landscape with its mighty structure and tranquil noises. Rivercrest Wall offers the durability and affordability this water feature needs. Thanks to the Reala Surface Technology from Unilock, Rivercrest showcases ultra-realistic textures cast from actual natural stone. The wall unit is available in two neutral colors, Buff and Coastal Slate.

Modern Patio Pond

A simple, modern patio pond is a beautiful creation to have, especially in a minimalist outdoor setting. For an authentic look, combine you could combine the shades of Limestone and Midnight Charcoal with Lineo Dimensional Stone

You could create even more interest with a beautifully paved area that surrounds the pond with the naturalistic look of sandstone and bluestone with Richcliff and Beacon Hill Flagstone as alternatives. When installing a paver near an outdoor water feature, it is important to be aware of its qualities and benefits. Richcliff is part of the EnduraColor Plus line of products that offer a blend of strength and beauty, thanks to various manufacturing technologies exclusive to Unilock, including Reala and Ultima.


4 Landscaping Ideas for Beautiful Fountains and Ponds in Saratoga, NY