4 Ideas for Landscaping Around a Patio in Cold Spring, NY

4 Ideas for Landscaping Around a Patio in Cold Spring, NY


An idyllic patio in Cold Spring, NY, is a balance between lush, vivid greenery and hardscape elements. Various combinations of hardscape and softscape can be used to create a stunning private retreat, add life to the outdoor area, and beautify the outdoor patio in harmony. Here are some landscaping ideas for inspiration:


Define with Borders

Elevate the aesthetics of your patio with a defined border. Choose Umbriano as a primary paver, for example, and set the tone of the patio while delineating the area with the bold colors offered by Series pavers. Umbriano offers the natural appearance of granite, and thanks to Unilock proprietary ColorFusion Technology, this paver presents a unique mottled surface with randomly dispersed color and granite particles. Umbriano enchants with its everlasting charm, non-slip, stain-resistant surface, and is ideal for pool decks and patios. Umbriano offers an abundance of design combinations. The Autumn Sunset color option provides warm brown shades with orange undertones, while the dark brown Harvest Brown, and neutral Summer Wheat offer plenty of design possibilities. Regardless of whether you are working with a pre-existing patio or a new build, Series is the perfect paver for adding characterful borders to the patio area.

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A Touch of Natural Beauty

Use slabs of Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone for the foundation of the patio and complement the natural aesthetic with a wide variety of perennials and annuals that thrive in the Cold Spring, NY area. The perky color displays and the velvety foliage of the Blacked-Eyed Susan are perfect for bright border beds around a patio. This plant is an annual in the region, but will add color and interest throughout the summer. Evergreen shrubs, large clusters of pink garden phlox or the fragrant aroma of lavender and petunias are also excellent options. Colorful foliage also goes excellently with the classic elegance of the Richcliff paver. This paver offers a texture that recreates the look of natural stone, thanks to Reala and Ultima manufacturing technologies which are exclusive to Unilock. Richcliff comes in a variety of colors, such as Smoke Shale, Pebble Taupe, and Dawn Mist, which recreates the look of bluestone.


Add Style with a Fire Feature

For more than just a pretty focal feature, go bold with the Brussels Dimensional System, modern with Lineo Dimensional Stone, or classic with Estate Wall. These wall unit options are suitable for any landscape style and can be used to build a stunning fireplace or fire pit. Adding a retaining wall or low walls can help to create an even more secluded patio area and can also serve as extra seating space for evening gatherings. You can complement any one of these wall units with the modern graphic aesthetic of Artline pavers.


Illuminate the Outdoor Area

Remember to include just enough light to get visitors from point to point, until they get to the patio. Highlight the patio steps and borders, as well as its most beautiful features, such as your fireplace, a water features, or greenery with vertical lighting. Consider adding a double border on around the patio with Courtstone in its darker shades, such as Basalt or Belgian Blue, to create a contrast that makes the structures stand out even further. With its unprecedented strength and realistic texture, Courtstone brings a sense of old Europe to the yard.

The title image features Umbriano poolside surrounds, an Artline fire pit area, along with Series accents and Brussels Dimensional System vertical elements.