4 Exclusive Technologies Involved in Manufacturing Unilock Pavers for Armonk, NY, Landscapes

4 Exclusive Technologies Involved in Manufacturing Unilock Pavers for Armonk, NY, Landscapes
The title image features Courtstone driveway pavers.


Today’s concrete pavers have evolved into what is arguably the best product for outdoor living. As you consider making improvements to your Armonk, NY, landscape, this article will discuss four exclusive technologies involved in manufacturing Unilock pavers.


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Ultima Concrete Technology and Reala Technology

Ultima Concrete Technology is focused on strength for a driveway that easily withstands vehicular traffic, and Reala Technology gives your driveway and outdoor living spaces realistic texture.


While the first thing you notice about a paver surface is its character-filled beauty, you will be more impressed by the engineering that went into manufacturing pavers that have up to four times the compressive strength of poured concrete. Ultima technology helps your paver driveway resist the damaging effects of the freeze-thaw cycle as well as the repeated weight of vehicles. 


Unilock Reala Technology uses casts made from real flagstone, clay brick, and cobblestones for a random, natural look without any repeating patterns. While the visible parts of these pavers look hand-cut, underneath, these pavers are dimensionally precise and designed to interlock for structural strength.  


The following four pavers feature Ultima Concrete Technology and Reala Technology:


Copthorne is a brick-style paver inspired by European street pavers. Add historic flair to your home with this classic paver. Copthorne pavers are popular for driveways, walkways, or patios, or for accents and borders.


Town Hall offers the same timeless elegance of Copthorne, but in a larger format perfect for wide driveways or to visually balance a large home.


Courtstone offers a timeworn sheen filled with the character of cobblestones. Courtstone is a popular option for the main field of a driveway, for serving as a dramatic accent or border on any hardscape, or for the surface of a charming walkway.


For a relaxed yet elegant look, embrace the richness of a larger format flagstone-look paver. Richcliff lets you mimic the look of flagstone or bluestone to give your driveway, patio, walkway, or pool deck amazing character.



EnduraColor Technology minimizes fading from UV light, and imparts a durable finish to pavers that resists abrasion from patio furniture and windblown debris. This technology concentrates fine aggregates and rich color in the top layer for unparalleled colorfastness and durability.


Mattoni pavers are longer and narrower than traditional brick. These slender pavers feature a distressed finish, and these versatile pavers are strong enough for pedestrian and vehicular applications.


Beacon Hill Flagstone brings the natural appearance of bluestone to your patio, pool deck, or walkway. Mix two or three colors onsite for an authentic bluestone look filled with character.


Treo Premier is a smaller-format paver perfect for walkways or tucked-away patios where you want the classic look of bluestone.


EasyClean Technology

Low maintenance is a must for outdoor kitchens and dining areas. To help spills from becoming stains, EasyClean Technology offers an impenetrable barrier that makes cleanup a breeze.


Westport Easy Clean pavers are protected by EasyClean Stain Resistance as well as EnduraColor for peace of mind. The hand-hewn stone texture and irregular sides of these pavers bring a casual look to your outdoor living spaces.


Senzo pavers make a statement. They give your outdoor space a high-impact industrial vibe, and they’re tough enough for both pedestrian and vehicular applications.


Artline pavers are elegant and contemporary, and pair exceptionally well with stainless steel grills. Their plank-like shapes instantly give your outdoor space a modern appeal.  

Bristol Valley gives your outdoor space a rustic-casual look in a large-format size that makes a statement with its subtly textured and uncluttered look.


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4 Exclusive Technologies Involved in Manufacturing Unilock Pavers for Armonk, NY, Landscapes