4 Driveway Pavers That Are Fortified with Unilock Ultima Technology in Arlington, VA

4 Driveway Pavers That Are Fortified with Unilock Ultima Technology in Arlington, VA

The title image features Town Hall pavers.


Replacing a crumbling or cracked driveway is the last thing you want to think about as a homeowner—and yet, if your driveway is asphalt or poured concrete, this could be an unfortunate reality. You want a driveway that lasts. Here are four driveway pavers that are fortified with Unilock Ultima Technology in Arlington, VA.


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Why Ultima-Fortified Paver Driveways Are Superior

Both asphalt and poured concrete essentially act as one giant surface. The sheer weight of such a monolithic slab can cause the substrate and soil underneath to shift over time, causing cracks. Cracks invite water penetration, and the result is a disfigured driveway that’s an eyesore and a safety hazard. 


Ultima-fortified driveway pavers are far superior at handling vehicular loads and resisting the freeze-thaw cycle. Since pavers are individual units, they can move slightly under load but without cracking or shifting. Ultima Technology gives these pavers four times the strength of poured concrete. While significant compressive strength is generally not an issue in residential driveways, it’s nice to have the peace of mind knowing that these pavers are virtually indestructible. 


These premium pavers from Unilock also feature Reala Technology for a realistic appearance. Cast from real stones, bricks, and cobblestones, these pavers will not result in a dull, repeating pattern on your driveway.



Richcliff pavers take inspiration from natural flagstone. The large format and randomized laying patterns give your driveway a unique contemporary look, and three colors make it easy to pair these pavers with any architectural style. If you love the look of bluestone, combine two or three of the available colors for a natural, random-looking driveway.



Inspired by classic European brick street pavers, Copthorne pavers feature a wonderful “been there forever” feel. Copthorne pavers are available in five colors including Basalt and a stunning Steel Blue. For a unique look, combine two to three colors on site. For example, Burgundy Red, Steel Blue, and Burnt Clay could give your driveway character and dimension. Copthorne pavers may appear traditional, but they look amazing next to ultra-modern homes, rustic homes, and anything in between! 



If you love the old-world charm of cobblestones that look as though they’ve seen centuries of traffic, choose Courtstone pavers. With their worn-smooth sheen reminiscent of ancient European roads, these pavers are truly unique! Courtstone pavers are versatile in that they can be used either as a field paver or as a dramatic accent or border paver alongside contemporary large-format driveway pavers such as Richcliff.  


Town Hall

Town Hall pavers feature the old brick road appeal of Copthorne pavers, but in a slightly larger format. These pavers are modeled after vintage American clay street pavers, and their larger dimensions make them perfect for large driveways and entry courts. Town Hall pavers come in a range of colors that include two stunning marbled paver colors, Heritage Red and Heritage Clay. Blending these two colors on site—and using the Basalt color as an accent—will take your driveway to the next level!


A dull poured concrete or asphalt driveway diminishes the appeal of your home—but that’s a problem that can be remedied by upgrading your driveway to high-quality, Ultima-fortified pavers from Unilock. Be sure to use a Unilock Authorized Contractor to handle the installation for a driveway you’ll be happy with for decades. 


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4 Driveway Pavers That Are Fortified with Unilock Ultima Technology in Arlington, VA