4 Creative Ways to Utilize Stone Pavers in Glen Cove, New York


Natural stone is a paving material possessing textures, colors and natural patterning unbounded by the human imagination. The near-endless variety of unique stones available makes natural stone an incredibly versatile material that is suited to a vast array of applications and settings. With this in mind, we thought we’d share some creative ways to incorporate natural stone pavers into your Glen Cove, NY hardscape design.



Framing a hardscaped surface with pavers of a different color and texture can be a great way to bring out the colors of your patio, driveway or walkways and introduce additional character. Natural stone is perfect for this, supplying the perfect rugged texture to complement fine grained pavers and vice versa. The naturally warm colors of our Renaissance Gold Limestone, for example, provides excellent contrast for cool grays and the midnight black of slate or granite. Consider matching your borders to other elements within your hardscape, like stone coping, for a design that appears more unified and complete.



Like borders, banding consists of narrow strips or bands of a different color or style of paver. Banding, however, can be incorporated anywhere on a surface and need not be relegated to the edges like bordering. Natural stone pavers can be used in banding to add longitudinal emphasis to a surface with long, straight strips, or incorporate meandering lines into a design. Banding is not only an excellent tool for creating visual interest or adding a personal touch to a patio or driveway, it can also be used to direct foot traffic in outdoor areas. This is particularly useful in outdoor kitchens where it would be wise to direct the flow of guests away from behind the cooking area, especially while it is in use.


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Accents are a way of reflecting the landscape or extended environment in a hardscaped area while creating miniature points of focus. Because stone contains many of the colors found in a natural outdoor environment, natural stone is perfect for creating these accents and unifying a hardscaped area with its surroundings. The range of colors of natural stone ensures that they can be matched to your home, landscaped features and hardscaped areas to ensure a common thread weaves throughout the entire landscape. The rough textures of natural stone can also serve as minor points of focus, especially when contrasted against smoother pavers. Textures are often slightly visible and are always a pleasant surprise to the skin.


Laying patterns

Laying patterns add interest and visual depth to driveways and patio floors. Utilizing stone pavers of different sizes in your laying pattern will result in a random, natural appearance. The varying textures and colors of natural stone pairs perfectly with an apparently random laying pattern and curved patio layouts as they collaborate to create organic spaces. Different laying patterns can perform different functions – for example, an interlocking pattern results in a more durable surface and a running bond pattern can make a surface seem longer or wider. Consider laying Unilock’s warm Sandstone pavers in an intricate laying pattern bridged by jointing sand of a similar color. The visual flow from one paver to the next, coupled with the pleasant granular texture of sandstone, will result in a patio floor that seems to have materialized naturally.


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4 Creative Ways to Utilize Stone Pavers, Glen Cove, New York