4 Color Combinations for Inviting Cold Spring, NY, Winter Hardscaping


The colors of your landscape influence the way visitors perceive your Cold Spring, NY, outdoor space. Experts have found that even though the effects of color are subjectively observed, color affects the way we feel and act. Choosing the right color scheme is crucial for creating a hardscape that best suits your style and vision. Here are four color combinations that satisfy both traditional and modern landscapes:


Add Warmth with Copthorne in Burgundy Red and Camelot in Sierra

Warm color schemes consist of different combinations of red, yellow, and orange. As primary colors, red and yellow evoke excitement and are often associated with heat, fire, and the sun.

If you want to create a landscape that incorporates pleasant outdoor rooms and offers visual warmth, Copthorne in Burgundy Red is the ideal paver. This color option gives a vibrant, energizing feel to the space, making it appear warmer and cozier. Copthorne offers the authentic look of traditional brick, providing a relaxed historical appearance to any patio, walkway or driveway. Each paver is made into a unique piece that will not split, crack or fade. Copthorne can also be used as an accent or border paver.

With its wide range of colors, the cobblestone inspired design of Camelot will greatly complement the classic European look of Copthorne. Camelot in Sierra, with its gentle earthy tones, can be used as a primary paver in the design, while Copthorne in Burgundy Red will create a bold look when used as an accent.


Hollandstone in Charcoal and Almond Grove

Cool colors have a soothing effect and are associated with objects in the distance. This is ideal for making the space appear visually larger. Cool colors are found on the blue end of the visible light spectrum and are associated with calmness and tranquility. The Hollandstone paver in Charcoal is excellent if you want to create a space that feels relaxed and refreshed. This color is also perfect for borders and accents and works excellently when combined with Almond Grove, whose tones are more on the neutral side.


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Versatility of Neutrals – Umbriano in Midnight Sky and Senzo in Cremo

Different tones of neutrals allow a smooth transition between strong hues and soften the effect of vibrant color schemes. They also stand on their own in monochromatic schemes, adding to the harmonious visual effect. Neutrals have a calming effect and a soothing impact on modern homes. They work well when paired with both warm and cool shades, providing a pleasing balance. Umbriano in Midnight Sky and Senzo in Cremo is a high contrast combination that will make the space seem more vibrant and open. These two shades are perfect for a welcoming patio that harmonizes with strong landscape surrounds.


Richcliff in Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist

The combination of Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist Richcliff pavers creates a natural randomness in your outdoor space, offering your landscape excitement and energy while balancing it with a relaxed appearance. Use the subtle, bronze brown warmth of Pebble Taupe to achieve a sense of character. Because of the blend of cool blue, grey and charcoal, Dawn Mist tones are often associated with bluestone.

The title image features a front entrance paved with Richcliff pavers in Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist, with a Burgundy Red Copthorne border.


4 Color Combinations for Inviting Cold Spring, NY, Winter Hardscaping