Uvision™ Architectural Color Selection System


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Buy the first 3 sheets at a package price of $5 and you’ll receive the Universal Borders and Accents kit at no additional charge. Each additional sheet will be charged at the listed price.

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Play with Uvision™ online

Simply drag and drop various borders, accents and color swatches next to each other and start to envision the possibilities! Once you have narrowed down your favorites, order the full scale Uvision™ sheets and play some more on the driveway, patio, walkway, or pool deck!

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Uvision from Unilock helps you to imagine all the design possibilities that you get with Unilock Select products! By using the Uvision true-to-life scale and color sample sheets, you can easily and accurately select which Unilock Select products are best suited for your home.


With Uvision you can easily match and coordinate styles, colors and textures, to create a personalized look for your Unilock driveway, patio, walkway, or pool deck. Design unique borders and accents that complement your home’s siding and trim. Uvision from Unilock makes it easy!


Once you and your Unilock landscape professional have collaborated on the Unilock Select paver combination, you can complete the design process by creating a masterpiece that truly is a reflection of your sense of style and uniqueness!