Flagstone inspired.

The beauty and timeless appearance of Trevia™ was inspired by the natural flagstone created by millenniums of seismic activity and geological rock formation. Trevia’s advantage over natural stone lies in its beauty, strength, and consistency. Since there are only two unit sizes, installation is quick and uncomplicated.

The surface appearance has been altered over six units to provide a natural looking surface design and to minimize pattern repetition.


Almond Grove

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Shadow Creek

Product is discontinued
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Shapes & Sizes

A Unit
Special Order

54.6 cm x 38 cm x 7 cm

21.5" x 15" x 2.75"

B Unit
Special Order

40 cm x 33 cm x 7 cm

15.75" x 13" x 2.75"


Two high performance layers are compressed and cured together to provide the highest quality of strength, durability, and everlasting color.
Surface Texture
Residential Vehicular


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Unit Thickness Sq. Ft. Bndl. Sq. Ft. Layer Layers Bndl. Ln Ft Sec. Soldier Ln Ft Bndl. Soldier Sq Ft Ln Ft Soldier Ln Ft Sec. Sailor Ln Ft Bndl. Sailor Sq Ft Ln Ft Sailor Units Sq. Ft. Lbs Bndl. Lbs Sec. Units Bndl.
Random Bundle-82.5210.32-8-------247430964
   A Unit--------------32
   B Unit--------------32

Important Information

Special order. Limited stock remaining. Please call for availability.

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