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For over 40 years, Unilock has led the landscape industry with the best selection of manufactured hardscape products. Today we are pleased to extend our reputation for uncompromising quality to an impressive line of premium natural stone from Europe and India. Natural Stone from Unilock is aesthetically beautiful, but has also been selected based on its low water absorption, freezethaw durability and flexural strength. It is precisely cut, calibrated and finished with enhanced surface treatments. As well, you can rest assured that the products you specify and purchase from Unilock are sourced from quarries that do not employ child labor. Integrity, safety, and fairness are paramount.

7 Reasons to Consider Natural Stone from Unilock

Quality Stone

Independent lab testing has revealed Nautral Stone from Unilock to have extremely low water absorption, incredible freeze-thaw durability and oustanding flexural strength which will help ensure your project stands the test of time.


Unilock was the first company in the industry to offer a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee. This guarantee now also covers Natural Stone from Unilock.

Superior Processing

Natural Stone from Unilock is quarried and processed by skilled and trained workers using the most advanced stone processing equipment available, for precisely cut and calibrated natural stone products with enhanced surface treatments.

Product Range

Natural Stone from Unilock is available in a complete range of subtle and vibrant colors with spectacular surface treatments and complementing steps and coping.

Consistent Supply

Unilock has secured a supply of natural stone from a network of global partners to ensure consistent reserves and availability for our customers.

Quality Packaging & Logistics

Our shipments are carefully packaged, inspected and shipped by a network of professional shipping specialists so that our products arrive in excellent condition.

Ethical Trading

Unilock ensures that these stone products are mined by workers free from exploitation and discrimination, and in conditions of freedom, security and equality.

Look for the Fairstone logo on our natural stone sourced from India. The Fairstone logo is your assurance that these products are quarried and processed to the strict standards of the Ethical Trading Initiative, ensuring that no child labor is used, fair wages are paid and safe working conditions are maintained.

Standard Products

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Special Order Products

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