Brussels Dimensional System

North America's most versatile concrete landscape product just got better.

Unilock is proud to introduce a superb addition to our very successful Brussels Dimensional Stone product line. We have made this system even more versatile than ever before with the addition of multi-sized tapered components, allowing you to easily construct curved walls, seatwalls, kitchen islands, fireplaces, steps and much more!


Almond Grove

Coffee Creek




Terra Cotta

Shapes & Sizes


30.5 x 30.5 x 7.6cm
11.9" x 11.9" x 3.0"

Standard or Corner

20.0 x 30.0 x 10.0cm
7.8" x 11.7" x 3.9"


Pedestrian iconPedestrian

Surface Texture


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  Face. Ft. Bndl. Face. Ft. Unit Ln. Ft. Unit (Sailor) Sectn. Bndl. Layers Bndl. Units Bndl. Units Face Ft. Face Ft. Dbl. Unit Ln. Ft. Dbl. Unit Dbl. Units. Face Ft. Lbs. Dbl. Unit Lbs. Bndl.
Standard / Corner Bundle (10cm) 36 0.71 1 6 - 108 3.48 - - - - 3274
Tapered Coping Bundle (7cm) 24 0.27 1 4 - 96 4 - - - - 2902

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