Step By Step (Guided) Calculator

This calculator is a step-by-step assistant to help you calculate the quantities of products you will need for your project.

Get Started

Some things to consider…

An idea of the product(s) your project will require

With a variety of shapes and sizes the amount of product you will need to order will depend greatly on the product you select.

The laying pattern

Whether you’re using a normal repeating pattern, or a completely random pattern how you lay the stone in your project will effect the amount of product you need.

Area measurements

Be sure to have the measurements of your project handy, you’ll be asked to enter the dimensions.

Will you be using borders?

If you are planning to include borders in your project, we’ll help you calculate the amount of product you need.

Base Materials & Accessories

Have an idea of how much base materials you’ll require for your project and we can help you figure out how much you will need to buy.

What the results will give you

The amount of pavers (to the bundle) you will need for you projects main field.

The amount of pavers needed for any borders.

The amount of pavers needed for circles and other accents.

The amount of sand, gravel and accessories (such as edge restraints) needed.