Stone Walkways Appleton WI

Products for Creating Stone Walkways Outside Your Home in Appleton, WI

Stone walkways will make a charming addition to the landscaping around your Appleton, Wisconsin, home. However, it’s important to use paving stones that are durable and designed to stand the test of time if you want your stone walkways to maintain their attractive appearance. That’s why hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the country have relied on Unilock products. Our concrete pavers are designed for exceptional wear performance and colorfastness while also boasting the realistic look and texture of natural stones. Unilock Select™ pavers are available in a wide range of styles, including options that resemble granite, flagstone, basalt cobblestones, bricks, bluestone, and more.

Thanks to Unilock’s proprietary manufacturing processes, our pavers are well suited for a multitude of home landscaping projects. In addition to laying stone walkways at your Appleton home, you may also want to consider Unilock pavers for a:

• Driveway – It’s easy to remove snow from our pavers, and they’re even resistant to grease and oil spills, as well as de-icing salt.
• Outdoor cooking area – Some Unilock Select™ pavers feature EasyClean™ stain resistance and TitanTec™ surfacing, which make their surfaces virtually impenetrable and easy to wipe clean if a spill should occur.
• Pool deck – All of our pavers are non-slip and resistant to chlorine damage. Our Torino™ pavers are popular for pool decks because they provide the cool feel of hand-honed thermal bluestone.
• And many other projects

For more information about Unilock products and a free estimate for creating stone walkways or other landscaping elements around your Appleton, WI, home, please contact us today.