Stone Driveway Rock Island IL

A Stone Driveway That’s Both Beautiful & Affordable for Your Rock Island, IL, Home

How do you create a beautiful stone driveway for your home in Rock Island, Illinois, while staying on budget? Do as hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the country have done, and turn to the wide selection of products available from Unilock. Our paving stones are made of concrete, which is not only highly durable, but also much more affordable than real stone. While being made of concrete, our paving stones have the appearance and texture of natural stones, bricks, and cobblestones, thanks to our innovative manufacturing processes. This means that by choosing Unilock products, you can have the exact look you desire while also reaping the benefits of concrete.

Other than their durability and affordability, Unilock Select™ pavers provide many benefits that make them ideal for the stone driveway at your Rock Island home. For example, our pavers:

• Are resistant to de-icing salt
• Have slip-resistant surfaces
• Are colorfast
• Can be enhanced with Ultima™ concrete technology, which gives them up to four times the strength of ordinary poured concrete
• Allow snow to be easily removed from their surface
• Won’t deteriorate from vehicle gas or oil spills

In addition, our collection features a wide range of styles. Among them, you’ll be sure to find a style that suits your taste and complements your home, and you’ll even be able to select other styles to incorporate into your stone driveway design as stunning borders and accents.

Contact Unilock today for a free estimate and more information about laying a stone driveway at your Rock Island, IL, home.