Superior Technology


Nothing says “luxury living” like an outdoor living space with Unilock Select™! With a wide range of natural colors and textures, and pavers ranging from 2 to as much as 4 times the strength of concrete, you can mix and match products to create your own design while having the peace of mind that Unilock Select pavers will last a lifetime.


Our Unilock products deliver on style because our technologies allow us to make the most unique products on the market. EnduraColor Plus is the defining difference when it comes to superior wear resistance and color longevity. EnduraColor Plus is not a coating or secondary treatment, but rather a proprietary blended layer of nature’s highest performing minerals (which never fade) that have been embedded right into the surface of each stone during the manufacturing process. This ensures that the surface will not fade, crack, peel or delaminate, and the beauty of your project will last a lifetime.

ColorFusion Technology

  ColorFusion™ Technology

A proprietary technology that disperses color randomly for a natural, granite-like appearance.

EasyClean Technology

  EasyClean™ Stain Resistance

An integral surface protection that allows for easier cleanup of spills when they happen, and before a stain can develop.

Reala Surface Technology

 Reala™ Surface Technology

Ultra-realistic textures cast from actual natural stone, brick and cobblestones.

TitanTec Surface Technology

  TitanTec™ Surface Technology

A proprietary technology that makes the surface virtually impenetrable to dirt, grease and oils.

  Ultima™ Concrete Technology

For heavy traffic loads, this proprietary manufacturing process creates pavers and walls with up to 4 times the strength of poured concrete.