Pool Decks and Pavers. Always a Fantastic Design Choice.

Every year, I have the privilege of viewing some of the most stunning landscapes in Ontario, and by far, the most remarkable seem to be backyard landscapes with a pool. Contractors and homeowners are creating extraordinary pool-scapes utilizing Unilock pavers and retaining walls accented with natural soft elements and landscape lighting. Pool decks can be exciting and versatile with the right Unilock product for your project and proper installation techniques. You can now create that same type of dynamic design around your pool, that you would for the inside of your home, by combining different paver styles creating accents, borders, and inflecting your own personal style.

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Easy Clean up and Stain Prevention

Putting your pavers on a general cleaning schedule is a great way to keep them looking tidy. How many times per year is up to you. Some folks in Germany clean their pavers every weekend, some sort of Sunday ritual. Most cleanings can be done using every day household cleaners. Dish soap, laundry soap, and bleach are widely used. Hiring a hardscape firm that specializes in cleaning is also an easy choice.

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